River Ports

Hickman-Fulton County Riverport Authority

Since 1978, the Hickman-Fulton County Riverport serves as the only public port on the east side of the Mississippi River in Kentucky. This port is located on the lower Mississippi at mile 922 in the Elvis J. Stahr Harbor, with no locks south of St. Louis, Missouri, creating a distinct advantage with regard to waterborne shipping costs. It is also located in the geographic center of a major grain producing area.

International Port of Memphis

The International Port of Memphis is the second largest inland port on the shallow draft portion of the Mississippi River, and the 4th largest inland Port in the United States. The International Port of Memphis covers the Tennessee and Arkansas sides of the Mississippi River from river Mile 725 to mile 740. Within this 15 mile reach, there are 68 water fronted facilities, 37 of which are terminal facilities moving products such as: petroleum, tar, asphalt, cement, steel, coal, salt, fertilizers, rock & gravel, and of course grains.

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