Canadian National Railroad

Headquartered in Montreal, Canadian National Railroad (CN) connects western Kentucky to both the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico. The rail yard located in Fulton, KY, is part of the CN Southern Region. CN Eastern and Western Regions provide coast to coast connections.

Canadian National has shipping and receiving services for automotive parts and finished vehicles , bulk commodities , Coal , Containers - international, domestic, retail, Consumer products - finished goods, Dimensional loads - oversized or overweight, Fertilizer, Forest products - pulp, paper, lumber and panels, Grain , Hazardous materials or dangerous goods , Metals and minerals - steel, non-ferrous metals and construction materials, Petroleum products and chemicals , Alternative energy - ethanol, biodiesel, wood pellets, wind towers and turbine components

Tennken Railroad Company, Inc.

The Tennken Railroad Company is a Tennessee-operated railroad system through which it offers rail freight transportation services for coiled steel, steel pipe, petroleum coke, electro binder, plastics, synthetic resin, carbon black, fertilizer, and grains. The local Tennken Railroad connects the Riverport at Hickman, KY to Dyersburg, TN where the Canadian National Railroad also connects.


Amtrak services more than 500 destinations with more than 30 train routes in the United States and Canada. Amtrak service is available in Fulton, KY through the Fulton Station.

Norfolk Southern Railway

Operates over 20,000 miles of track in 22 states serving every major container port. Norfolk Southern forms a “Mid-America Corridor” with CN Railroad between Chicago, St. Louis, Kentucky and Mississippi for more efficient routes.

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